Plants I've Known and...Killed

April 15, 2014

"A Real Simple magazine Top 10 goofproof Plant"  (photo above)


I was just reading the following description of  Euphorbia graminea 'Diamond Frost' on the 

Proven Winner's website:

"I want to thank my parents, my breeder, and especially the millions of fans who have made me the Most Award Winning Plant in Proven Winners History. At my 2005 debut I was just a new, 12 -18 inch Proven Winners Euphorbia. I never imagined my career would last. I suppose its because of my annual nature (except in zones 10 11). At first, I thought you liked me solely for my incredible, continuously blooming clouds of airy white flowers. But as I grew in more containers and landscapes across North America, you praised my mounded habit, and how well I tolerate heat and drought. My versatility both as a single and in combinations. Others spoke of how easy I am to grow. In letters you wrote of my ability to stay beautiful without deadheading. And I was deeply touched by your appreciation of my deer resistance. 

Without you, I would still be just another plant in the unforgiving world of commercial horticulture. 
If I could, I would keep you with me in the full to part shade forever.

In the garden it becomes a confetti-like, fluffy mound that is too fantastic for words.

I killed this plant in my own garden.  And it wasn't because winter came and it's an annual since it's not an annual here in Southern California.   There is a distinct possibility I'll try it again if only to prove to myself that I'm not a 'goof.'

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