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Projects & Plans

Clients reach out to us for many reasons. Often they would like a change, an update or their space isn’t working for some reason, but they are unsure how to approach their landscape project. We work closely with all of our clients to fully understand their needs and site, we then build a vision with collaboration, experience and a passion for what we do. We begin the transformation process, using our network of professionals and work closely throughout to make sure that each project’s specifications are met.


Here are some examples of our work that include finished projects, landscape plans and case studies. If you have a project that you would like to discuss, please send us an email or fill out our contact page.

Special Projects

We relish opportunities to flex our creative muscles, collaborate with other disciplines to develop unique landscape design solutions.

A water district asked us to extend their messaging related to responsible home water use by creating a demonstration garden.  As part of this effort we also developed a homeowner education program centered around a 'watershed approach' to residential landscaping.  Using this approach homeowners are able to drastically reduce their outdoor water use, capture rainwater on-site and create beautiful habitat gardens in their own front yards!


Homeowner Associations

Boards of Directors and Landscape Committees in planned communities often ask us to rethink their plant palettes, horticultural character and to help re-design, update and enhance their planted common areas.

Residential Design

Our clients, inspired by the history of California....inspired us!

A San Clemente realtor asked us to help them design and update their outdoor spaces.

 A couple with grown children wanted an unused side yard re-imagined as a peaceful, functional courtyard.

 A couple with panoramic ocean views but an unusable and poorly designed

landscape imagined an expansive outdoor room with a place to grow their own food.


 A large family asked for an exuberantly planted front yard to welcome them to their weekend beach house.


Turf removal rebates offered by water agencies give new life to tired old turf front yards...for a reasonable price.  Our sister company, MyAvantGarden.com has helped with scores of them.  Here are a few shown before and 6 months after.

Front Yard Transformations: Turf to Native Garden

In Southern California coastal areas turf uses around four feet of water per year.  Most of that comes from summer irrigation.  In contrast, native gardens use from 5 to 20 inches per year, our typical rainfall.  And, they like rain in the winter months - just when mother nature gives it to us.


Realtors, Architects and Interior Designers


These professionals rely on us to assist with conceptual landscape designs, planting plans and plant installations or construction observation of their clients’ outdoor spaces and common areas. Ask us about Exterior Staging services offered to Realtors.

 For a family soon to be relocated, their realtor recommended Jodie Cook Landscape Design for a quick

 transformation of their bare and difficult slope to a garden befitting their lovely home.