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About Us

We believe in horticulture, ecological design in urban spaces and partnering with nature to build a thriving future for all.


We believe good landscape design is watchful, respectful, non-aggressive, a joyous expression. It seeks to protect all living beings. The more a designer understands the unfolding natural systems set in motion by the art and science of landscape design, the more an attitude of partnership with nature emerges as the only way forward.


We begin by considering the future of a landscape and working backward. We learn from the soil, the climate, and the ecosystem it sits within. We speak with residents and site users about which outdoor experiences bring them the greatest joy and utility. Our intention is to set in motion a series of unfolding events to move the landscape toward the future we have envisioned together. We consider bird and butterfly migratory routes - to create way stations for nature. We consider the site’s proximity to wilderness areas, its place in the watershed and its connections to the ocean. We document a plan. We collaborate with other professionals. Then we monitor the project, post installation, so that we can learn, adjust and allow the landscape to express itself fully over time.

Speaking & Events

Jodie Cook is available to speak on a wide variety of topics related to:

Sustainable Landscape Design

The Watershed Approach to Landscaping

Rainwater Harvesting and Capture

Creating Habitat Gardens

California Native Plants

And many other subjects

If you don’t see your topic here, let us know. Speaking rates vary based on subject, location and length of talk.