What We Do

Jodie Cook Landscape Design is a landscape design studio focusing on ecological design principles. We transform land into environments for living that are exceptional, beautiful and inviting to all living creatures.

To us, a successful garden is one in which the line between landscape and wild nature is blurred; a place where you can contentedly read, entertain, play or dine outdoors. A setting in which a bird might raise its young and a butterfly or hummingbird might seek nectar or shelter. We often juxtapose the contemporary with the wild. We are practical and ecologically-minded designers who understand your garden’s place in the grand scheme of things, no matter how large or small it might be. Our clients understand this too.

We work on a wide range of projects and programs.

Landscape Concept Plans

Clear, detailed, incorporating photos, illustrations and educational elements as necessary for the intended audience.

Detailed Planting Plans

We love horticulture and the potential of plants, well curated, to make magic happen. All planting plans are carefully rendered utilizing plants readily available and adapted to the site.

Landscape Consultation

For HOAs and larger projects we consult on watershed-wise landscaping and ecological design and maintenance based on Sustainable SITES principles and guidance.

3D Renderings

Illustrative and photo-realistic renderings can bring life to community design presentations.

Planting Selection and Installation

Choosing healthy, high quality plants and ensuring correct installation on site are critical parts of the design process. We are available for on-site observation during all phases of installation.

Horticultural Planning for Communities

Long term landscape planning, phasing and consulting based on Sustainable SITES principles and a firm understanding of landscape design and maintenance. Communities transitioning from conventional landscaping practices to sustainable landscaping practices can benefit from a strategic approach and education for their community members, and contractors.

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This blog is written periodically by Jodie Cook. We are delighted you are reading it! Landscape design and garden thinking is constantly evolving.